What kind of a guarantee do you provide your customers with?

We offer a two year guarantee on mechanic and electronic parts (excluding wearing parts).

Which time intervals have to be kept for the maintenance of the RPAS-Helicopters?

Maintenance should be performed every 200h of flying. The Turbine should be sent back after 100h of operation. The costs depend on the extent of the repair.

Is there a maintenance schedule for the rotor blades?

The rotor blades cannot be repaired or serviced and have to be replaced when necessary.

Can I choose the color of the fuselage?

You can determine yourself the color of the fuselage and/or any ArtWork you might wish. Depending on the complexity of the design extra costs might arise.

Do you offer Flight Training and if yes how much does it cost?

We offer Flight Training which basically focuses on working and handling of the Auto Pilot.

How much do the RPAS-Helicopters cost?

The price depends on the customer’s requirements, the attachments and the number of the units ordered. Please contact us for more Information and a customized offer.

Is it possible to get more detailed specifications?

Thank you for understanding that sharing sensitive information at the early stages of a sales process is not possible and only available to qualified customers and partners.

How are your RPAS-Helicopters being operated?

Our RPAS-Helicopters are being operated with the assistance of an auto pilot and a ground station over GPS. The waypoints are being defined with a special software over the ground control station. The flight radius can reach up to 50 km. Although the flight, start and landing occur automatically it is possible to intervene and take over the control at any moment.

Is it possible to acquire your RPAS-Helicopter as an assembly set?

We offer our RPAS-Helicopter only as complete systems. All of our units are perfectly adjusted and thoroughly tested. This way we can guarantee consistent product quality and safety.

You can however use your own auto pilot and ground station. In this case we are more than happy to do the integration and adjustment for you.


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