A world premiere!

On February 23, 2018, the functionality of a full-tensor magnetometer from SUPRACON AG (Jena) was successfully tested in a flight test with an unmanned helicopter manufactured by AVEOX Unmanned Systems GmbH (Runkel) on the Jena-Schöngleina airfield. In this world premiere event, the magnetometer developed by SUPRACON for raw material exploration in collaboration with the IPHT (Leibniz Institute of Physical High Technology) based on SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Detector) was incorporated into the DRAGONFLY DF-M35 of AVEOX integrated and tested in flight after extensive ground tests for the first time. The DRAGONFLY, built on top of the Flettner twin-rotor system and engine-driven DRAGONFLY, is an excellent carrier platform for this type of sensor system already used in manned aircraft and helicopters due to its high payload capacity of 35 kg and a flight duration of over one hour.

The combination of the ultimate sensitivity of the SQUID magnetometer with the benefits of an unmanned aerial vehicle system offers significant data quality benefits and, in particular, economics (e.g., cost per flying hour) of exploration over conventional manned carrier platforms.

These activities planned and coordinated by CRN Management GmbH (including necessary approvals) should lead to new business potential in the global and again growing market segment airborne or raw material exploration. Further flight tests are planned.




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